Thank you for calling in for Shareathon this is [your name]! Can I get your name?
Please use proper capitalization. i.e. John Smith. How you enter it is how they will see it on their receipt.
And just in case we get disconnected. May I have your phone number, area code first?
If they refuse to provide a phone number use all 1s (555-555-5555)
Did you want to make a monthly or single gift today?
A single gift will be charged today. A monthly gift will be charged today, and this same day every month until they contact us and ask us to stop.

If they want to specify an end date, or a specific charge date, please ask for help.
And how much would you like to give today? ... That’s great!
Will this be on your Debit or Credit card today?
Statements are for if they ask if they can mail a check or pay later. Monthly Statements will receive information on how to set up an automatic monthly gift. They will not receive a reminder every month.
Now let me get your payment information starting with...
If Credit/Debit | May I have your billing address?
If Statement | May I have your mailing address?
May I have your email address for us to send you your receipt? ... Thank you!
If they refuse to provide an email address leave it blank.

If there are calls waiting, click here to skip to the gift confirmation

Which of our radio stations do you listen to? KSWP or KAVX?
So we can celebrate with you and for research purposes, could you provide your birthdate?
If they do not provide a year for their birthdate, please use 1900
Do you have any prayer requests, or stories about how KSWP/KAVX has helped you, or brought you hope?

Gift Confirmation

Alright, [their name] I just want to confirm with you before I submit your donation that you are giving a single gift of $360?
Great! I'm going to submit your gift now.
You don't need to ask about being anonymous. If they specifically ask to be anonymous or do not want to be mentioned on the radio, check this box.